Welcome to King County! We Are Operation: Red Dot

Established in January of 2016, Operation Red Dot Real Estate started in Puyallup, WA. We are registered as a “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.” Veteran Owned and Operated. At Operation Red Dot Real Estate, we live by a code. We don’t just sell houses, we also provide solutions and choices. We’re not just looking for that next commission check, like high pressure sales people do. The main thing we do is build relationships first. We want you to be 100% satisfied, and aim to bring the character and resources needed to reach that goal.

Whether you're looking for buy at home or sell flat services, or you need rent estate or investment homes services, we've got you covered in the Puget Sound area!

Our Name Reflects How We Operate -- “Operation: Red Dot"
We are not like other Real Estate businesses. We use modern technology, state-of-the-art software, strategic planning and tactical negotiation skills to accomplish our mission. Even though we’re not really at war in Real Estate, we run our business like a combat mission. Our approach is 90% Preparation, and 10% Execution. Nothing is left to chance. We plan for as many eventualities as possible. In the final analysis, the success of the mission depends on doing things this way, just as it did in combat. We do not “fly by the seat of our pants” here in Puget Sound. We plan, fund, and stock the right mindsets, resources, and team members to succeed. Thus, we achieve the high ground in a challenging housing market.

What is "Red Dot"? 
The answer is two-fold. In the military, a “Red Dot” style of weapon allows the user to aim effectively at relatively close targets. It enhances the focus on targets. This concept can be applied to Puget Sound real estate. In our opinion, real estate is not an industry one should approach passively. To be successful in real estate requires an aggressive and pro-active approach.


Our logo reflects the second meaning of the “Red Dot.” When you search for a destination, the Red “Marker” shows up. Looking for directions to your local grocery store? A marker for Point A and one for Point B will show up. The destinations of your journey show up where the markers are. Helping you find your next destination, where you will create your own Red Destination Marker, is our mission!Puget Sound Real Estate Listings